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Anarath Ahmed Haji

Founder and Chairman

Founder and Chairman

1976. I arrived in Bahrain with nothing but a dream. Today, as I look back at my journey, I feel an undeniable connection to the mysterious Tree of Life. The hope underlying within me, the kind and generous support of the Rulers of The Kingdom of Bahrain, and the trust of her magnanimous residents for which I am immensely grateful, have led to a manifestation better than what I could have ever asked for.
Today, I stand humbled, as the founder of Century Int'l Group, branching out into the fields of hospitality, healthcare, education, real-estate and media globally, our roots planted firmly to the nurturing lands of Bahrain. I consider it a blessing to be able to gift the fruits of my vision back to the land that made me.

email:  anarath@centurygroup.ae

email:  infobh@centurygroup.ae